Wednesday, October 28, 2015

3D animator

This is my writing I hope you like it.
What does a  3D animator do? What are some of the hard parts? What are the skills on becoming a 3D animator? That what I'm going to talk about.
What does 3D animator do?
A 3D animator creates moving pictures and images. They use a computer. They animat from before edit to after edit and adding more detail.

What are some of the hard parts?
There are some hard parts of a 3D animator. There are some easy parts too. These are some of the hard parts:
Promaging- tell something to do something.
Modelling- acting.
These are the hard parts.

What are some of the skills that you need?
There are a couple skills you need. There's a list:
-if you can create characters- on a computer.
-good drawing- drawing characters.
-acting- actions/ movement.
-knowledge- know this tipe of thing.
-accuracy- the correct tipe of (what ever you are using).
-graphics- a visual design.
-patience- help with your work.
-programing- telling something to do something.
These are some of the skills.

If you know all of have all of these skills and if you if you can do all of these things and if you want to be a 3D animator then go for it!

Is this the job for you?
By Megan :)

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