Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Art Time!

This is the first time I said Art Time. Art time is when I am doing art, I will say art time to show or tell you what I am doing.

This time we are observation on the shape and colour. It means copying the photo.
Do you want to try this challenge! If you do read the next paragraph, with the rules and stuff you will need.

You will need:
Colouring what you chose
Some thing to take the photo or to look at the Internet.

First find your photo.
Next copy your photo on your paper do not cheat and copy it, free draw it.
After that drew it on your good sheet.
Colour it in.
Judge it if you want to.

Challenge: if you are going to do this challenge can you do it in 2 hours with out rushing.

Tell and show me your art in the comments only if you want to!
By Megan :)

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