Monday, September 21, 2015

Tower of terror

The brown door opens straight in front of us. Everyone goes in. A small old thing with a screen. The screen play black and white. Books were scrounding me so were cobwebs. The doors swag open on the other side.
The line is long but fast. My family is at the front of the line then... The man stopped us. After five minutes. Everyone got in the elaver. We get in our seats. It goes me, at the edge, then mum, afterthat Stacey trying to get her seat belt lose so see can fly, then dad. The elaver doors shout.
The box that looks like a elaver goes up and says," say goodbye to the real world because you just enter the twilight zone". Afterthat you go up a bit." What happen in the likes of Hollywood. 5 people steped in a this elaver. This time it's opening on you".
"Ahh," everyone said, as the elaver dropped down, it was letting us go. Afterward it carried us to the top, a big flash came and you can see all of Disneyland/ Calfia Adventure. It brought us a bit lower. It let go like the cords have been cut! Then it starts up again.
It brought us up again then stopped all we saw was a brown wall and it happened... Not 1, not 2 but 3 times. Until we got to the top of the tower again.
Once we (everyone in the elaver) got up to the top of the tower again. Everyone in the elaver dropped down faster than you can say bye and hold it. I dropped as Stacey flew like *I believe I can fly* while Stacey was flying off her seat (like she does all the time). Afterthat drop there was a pot and pan sound and afterward there was a kitty cat sound and  it sounded very angry.

The elaver moved forward and you saw stars shinning. We didn't get to go to the twilight zone, but maybe next time as the elaver doors swing open we saw a bright light once again.

Do you want to go on this ride at Disneyland?
Megan :)

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  1. You've done a great job of building up suspense in this story Megan, well done. We need to work on editing really carefully before we publish your writing. Great job of describing the setting in your first paragraph!