Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Questions about the book Walt Disney

Walt Disney Questions

What did you like most about the book? 
I liked how Walt first thought about Disneyland.

What new thing did you learn?
I been to Disneyland 6 time and I never knew Disneylands history.

Name a few of the people and places that that influenced Walt?
Hollywood, Mickey Mouse, Walt cast members, Walt crew and L.A.

How did those people or places affect him?
Hollywood because that were he first went there for this cartoons.
Mickey because that what started Walt Disney movie making.
Walt cast members because that what created Disneyland to be a live long place for family and children.
Walt crew to help dreams comes true for Walt and everyone else in the world.
L.A that were one of the biggest dreams.

Walt had several set backs in this career. How did he deal with them?

What do you think were Walt Disney's greatest accomplishments and why? Do you remember what it is for?
I think Disneyland because it brought friends and family coming together it really help us and Walt Disney knows what people like!

Did your opinion of Walt Disney change the as a result of reading this book?
I knew he was famous but I didn't know why it a huge thing for Disneyland. 

What do you thing that means?
It all started by Mickey Mouse.

Why did he think that was so important?
 Because it is something that Walt Disney said. 

I have been working on this for at least 2 months!
Have you read the book?
By Megan 

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