Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Harwoods hole

This is a story that I wrote I hope you like it!
Harwoods Hole

Kevin Bigger and Jamie Fitzgerald. Walking around the island. They walk around in stubbles (short jeans). They saw Harwood's Hole (a huge pit in the South Island). The 1954 gear gets dangerous because of the winch. The winch gets dangerous as they get down deeper because a long time ago a French diver got killed by a winch!

The darkness has a few white leaped spots. Time for Paper, Sizers, rock, Jamie wins (like always) Kevin goes down first, 250 meters. The rock was black and solid.

The rocks crack together in Harwoods Hole as the water goes past. The rain falls above the waterfall. The ground was cold as ice. The light on there head glows brighter as deeper in the hole.

Kevin turned the gas up and put his hand over it and made... fire. Jamie put it next to Kevin's head lamp. "No more Jamie!" Kevin yelled. Jamie only got a tiny speck of light.

They were walking across and there it was a huge cliff. They threw down a hand made siver ladder that you couldn't go down it like a normal ladder you had to go down it on a side. It can brack really easily. They went down it and 

walked some more.

Kevin and Jamie walked about 20 meters. They came across a sump(a sump in a underground river but it has a top bit on it). Time for another *Papper, Sizers,Rocks* again Kevin lost so he has to go in the sump first to find away out of this aera and on the other side. Kevin tyes the rope on a huge bolder and swims back to Jamie." It's safe to go, just go to the right.

They walked a lot and come across a dead end and in 1954 they had the samething happen to them. They did the same tasks to get back out of harwoods hole. They thought the other side of Harwoods Hole lies in a different cave.

They found a cave in the direction of Harwoods Hole, Starlight Cave, it's one of the most beautiful caves in the world!( it's around 4.6 billion years old, it takes about 100 years to grow around a meter of stallaties.)They remembered what it looked like at the end of Harwoods Hole. It looked just like the end of Starlight Cave.

In 1957 they made the connection between Harwoods Hole and Starlight Cave. The first blew up a sump with air holes and squeezes. Kevin and Jamie did all the tasks and they did what the explerers did. Now the first explerers 

made the connection between Harwoods Hole and Starlight Cave.

Do you watch First Crossing or Intrepid NZ?
By Megan 

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