Monday, September 21, 2015

Tower of terror

The brown door opens straight in front of us. Everyone goes in. A small old thing with a screen. The screen play black and white. Books were scrounding me so were cobwebs. The doors swag open on the other side.
The line is long but fast. My family is at the front of the line then... The man stopped us. After five minutes. Everyone got in the elaver. We get in our seats. It goes me, at the edge, then mum, afterthat Stacey trying to get her seat belt lose so see can fly, then dad. The elaver doors shout.
The box that looks like a elaver goes up and says," say goodbye to the real world because you just enter the twilight zone". Afterthat you go up a bit." What happen in the likes of Hollywood. 5 people steped in a this elaver. This time it's opening on you".
"Ahh," everyone said, as the elaver dropped down, it was letting us go. Afterward it carried us to the top, a big flash came and you can see all of Disneyland/ Calfia Adventure. It brought us a bit lower. It let go like the cords have been cut! Then it starts up again.
It brought us up again then stopped all we saw was a brown wall and it happened... Not 1, not 2 but 3 times. Until we got to the top of the tower again.
Once we (everyone in the elaver) got up to the top of the tower again. Everyone in the elaver dropped down faster than you can say bye and hold it. I dropped as Stacey flew like *I believe I can fly* while Stacey was flying off her seat (like she does all the time). Afterthat drop there was a pot and pan sound and afterward there was a kitty cat sound and  it sounded very angry.

The elaver moved forward and you saw stars shinning. We didn't get to go to the twilight zone, but maybe next time as the elaver doors swing open we saw a bright light once again.

Do you want to go on this ride at Disneyland?
Megan :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Harwoods hole

This is a story that I wrote I hope you like it!
Harwoods Hole

Kevin Bigger and Jamie Fitzgerald. Walking around the island. They walk around in stubbles (short jeans). They saw Harwood's Hole (a huge pit in the South Island). The 1954 gear gets dangerous because of the winch. The winch gets dangerous as they get down deeper because a long time ago a French diver got killed by a winch!

The darkness has a few white leaped spots. Time for Paper, Sizers, rock, Jamie wins (like always) Kevin goes down first, 250 meters. The rock was black and solid.

The rocks crack together in Harwoods Hole as the water goes past. The rain falls above the waterfall. The ground was cold as ice. The light on there head glows brighter as deeper in the hole.

Kevin turned the gas up and put his hand over it and made... fire. Jamie put it next to Kevin's head lamp. "No more Jamie!" Kevin yelled. Jamie only got a tiny speck of light.

They were walking across and there it was a huge cliff. They threw down a hand made siver ladder that you couldn't go down it like a normal ladder you had to go down it on a side. It can brack really easily. They went down it and 

walked some more.

Kevin and Jamie walked about 20 meters. They came across a sump(a sump in a underground river but it has a top bit on it). Time for another *Papper, Sizers,Rocks* again Kevin lost so he has to go in the sump first to find away out of this aera and on the other side. Kevin tyes the rope on a huge bolder and swims back to Jamie." It's safe to go, just go to the right.

They walked a lot and come across a dead end and in 1954 they had the samething happen to them. They did the same tasks to get back out of harwoods hole. They thought the other side of Harwoods Hole lies in a different cave.

They found a cave in the direction of Harwoods Hole, Starlight Cave, it's one of the most beautiful caves in the world!( it's around 4.6 billion years old, it takes about 100 years to grow around a meter of stallaties.)They remembered what it looked like at the end of Harwoods Hole. It looked just like the end of Starlight Cave.

In 1957 they made the connection between Harwoods Hole and Starlight Cave. The first blew up a sump with air holes and squeezes. Kevin and Jamie did all the tasks and they did what the explerers did. Now the first explerers 

made the connection between Harwoods Hole and Starlight Cave.

Do you watch First Crossing or Intrepid NZ?
By Megan 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Questions about the book Walt Disney

Walt Disney Questions

What did you like most about the book? 
I liked how Walt first thought about Disneyland.

What new thing did you learn?
I been to Disneyland 6 time and I never knew Disneylands history.

Name a few of the people and places that that influenced Walt?
Hollywood, Mickey Mouse, Walt cast members, Walt crew and L.A.

How did those people or places affect him?
Hollywood because that were he first went there for this cartoons.
Mickey because that what started Walt Disney movie making.
Walt cast members because that what created Disneyland to be a live long place for family and children.
Walt crew to help dreams comes true for Walt and everyone else in the world.
L.A that were one of the biggest dreams.

Walt had several set backs in this career. How did he deal with them?

What do you think were Walt Disney's greatest accomplishments and why? Do you remember what it is for?
I think Disneyland because it brought friends and family coming together it really help us and Walt Disney knows what people like!

Did your opinion of Walt Disney change the as a result of reading this book?
I knew he was famous but I didn't know why it a huge thing for Disneyland. 

What do you thing that means?
It all started by Mickey Mouse.

Why did he think that was so important?
 Because it is something that Walt Disney said. 

I have been working on this for at least 2 months!
Have you read the book?
By Megan 

Fairytale movie

If you have seen my blog lately you would have seen a poster of Cinderella 2.
This is the story that you will see a the Moa awards in a movie. I have update it to make it look awesome, I hand drawer it. This is what it looked like!
Do you want to see this film?
By Megan :)

Monday, September 14, 2015

Cross country

You might know what cross country is but if you don't know what it is it a running race. We (year 7&8) have to do 3 laps around the blocks. I like to call it The Fun Run. Even though I come lucky last. I still had fun and I sprinted the last bit I still liked it.

This is a photo of cross country!

Have you ever done cross country before?
By Megan :)

Thursday, September 3, 2015


This is a poster on percentage if you don't know about percentage, it's easy once you get the hang of it.

Do you like maths?
Thank you for reading this article.
By Megan :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Disney film Cinderella

We (Jazlin, Megan, Dinah, Sinead and Travis) are going to start filming Cinderella 2. Keep a look out!

Do you want to see this film?
What smile do you want this one :) or this one :-)?
By Megan :)