Monday, July 27, 2015

My writing about Disneyland

This is my story about Space Mountain!

Space mountain facts.:
1. Space mountain is the top coaster at Disneyland.
2. It's the scream maker since 1979.
3. People say it's one of the best rides in the park.
4. Space mountain is in tomorrow land where any thing is possible.
5. It's the most popular ride at Disneyland.
6. Space mountain gets spooky at halloween.
These are some of the facts about space mountain.

The line was very long it would have taken us 60 minutes (1 hour). But we didn't wait that long because we got fast passes ( fast passes give you access to skip a bit of the qui but you have to wait a bit. You have to wait behind people with fast passes. That's what fast passes are). While we were walking down the corridor we saw photos of stars. When in the main area, there was a fake rocket just above our head. We are now at the end of the wait.

The cast member said," rows 4,5 and 6".
While we were waiting for the next 2 rockets( carts) to come. I was sitting next to Mum, like always. We got in the blue rocket. We start moving a bit to another cast member told us to", pull up on the lap bar".We took off.

The tube of orange was circling around me, I didn't know what to do? It was hurting my eyes as it changed colour and circling around me. Then I was in space!

"Wow I'm in space", I said, to myself. I loved all the stars shining. The stars was circling around me. The stars are still beautiful. Then all of a sudden I saw a pregector.

After seeing space we had our photo taken. The flash hurt my eyes, I saw circles everywhere constenly blanking to get it out of the way. It's making you fell like your moving backwards but... your moving forwards. Now where back in the main eara.

Waiting behind a rocket, to catch up with the rest of the family. They were waiting for us, the photo looked epic. That's the end of my adventure!

If you write a adventure story what will it be about? Tell me in the comments!
By Megan :)


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  2. What a neat idea to finish with a question for people to comment on in the end! It would be a great idea to change the font size and colour of this sentence to make it stand out!

  3. Maybe for a story idea you could do it about a time you may have been hurt, what your feelings, what it was like. I think you did a great job with this post. Keep it up.
    Sinead :)

  4. Maybe about one of your class trips over the past years and maybe about your old school.

    From Naleeah

  5. i would write about a huge elephant that lives in a #5 star hotel and the drama he causes

  6. Going under the surface of Mars - Pharrell

  7. My adventure story idea for you is maybe about a trip you did at your old school, another ride you went on at disney land or some exotic thing you have done with your friends.

  8. Hey you should do it on a war story or the wahine disaster

  9. A cheeseburger who can talk with the president of the USA and stop bad people

  10. My adventure idea is you could write and adventure about going on a school trip if you went on one

  11. my adventure would be about me going into jurassic world and letting out all the dinos :}

  12. comment........

  13. Being an astronaut and going into space and moving to Mars :)

  14. I would write about this if I have been there and maybe talk about the war

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  16. Megan, we sure did have fun on Space Mountain!!! Wow this is a great adventure story, keep up the great work! I love reading your writing. Dad.

  17. Hey Megan! I loved reading your adventure! You have used lots of different types of sentences (haha sorry, still being your teacher). But what I liked most about it was that it brought back memories of my adventure to Disney Land. If I was to write an adventure story, it would be about huts. Way to go with your writing! :)